Stud History





Seven Oaks Arabian Stud has its origins in 1969, when Leigh Jamieson

purchased the chestnut colt KIBIR (Abiram (Imp Holland) x Bashqa by

Crystal Fire (Imp. U.K.)) from the well known Bostocks Stud in Queensland. 

In 1970, he purchased the chestnut colt LORD BAHRAM (Crystal Fire (Imp

UK) x Fantasy by Count Manilla (Imp. U.K.)), also from Bostocks Stud.


Seven Oaks Arabian Stud now has over 50 purebred Arabians, and the Stud is

situated on 215 acres in picturesque country between Woodend and Kyneton,

45 minutes north-west of Melbourne, in the Australian State of Victoria. The

Stud has carefully selected its mares and stallions with the intention of

becoming a major player on the international market.


Leigh Jamieson, the Principal of Seven Oaks Arabian Stud, has a strong

interest in preservational breeding, and has concentrated on developing the

following bloodlines:


Straight Egyptians

We have long been admirers of the work and breeding philosophy of Dr.

Hans Nagel, the legendary German breeder and immediate past President

of the World Arabian Horse Organisation.  Unlike many breeders, Dr. Nagel

has not tried to change or improve the breed, but rather, he has

endeavoured to return the Arabian horse to its true classic type and

beauty, which evolved over many centuries from its origins in the deserts of

the Nejd region of Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Nagel’s programme has involved intense in-breeding and line-breeding

to his four foundation mares, being the Dahmah Shawanieh mare BINT

BUKRA (Nazeer x Bukra by Shahloul), the Hadbah Enzahiyah mare LOTFEIA

(Alaa El Din x Bint Kamla by El Sareei), the Saqlawieh Jedranieh of Ibn

Sudan mare MAHIBA (Alaa El Din x Mouna by Sid Abouhom) and the

Abeyyah Om Jurays mare HANAN (Alaa El Din x Mona by Badr).  The

success of this programme is evidenced by the fact that Dr. Nagel’s horses

are breathtakingly beautiful, and become more elegant and exquisite, and

closer to his ideal with each generation.


Seven Oaks Arabian Stud has concentrated on the bloodlines created and

developed by Dr Nagel.  All but one of its Straight Egyptian mares have

close-up crosses to HANAN (Alaa El Din x Mona by Badr), the most famous

of Dr. Nagel’s legendary foundation mares.    Dr. Nagel's brilliant books,  

"Hanan - the Story of an Arabian Mare and of the Arabian Breed" and his

latest Book "The Arabian Horse - Nature's Creation and The Art of

Breeding" details the story of this extraordinary mare, the history of the

Arabian breed, and the history and philosophy of his world famous

Katharinenhof Stud. Both books are a "must read" for any Arabian horse



In 2006, Seven Oaks Arabian Stud purchased the grey Dahman Shahwan

colt NK HAMOUDY (Jamal El Dine x Helala by Salaa El Dine) from Dr.

Nagel, primarily, at that time, to join to the Stud's three ASFOUR (Imp. DE)

daughters.   Asfour, of course, was also bred by Dr. Nagel.

NK HAMOUDY was the last foal of Dr. Nagel's magnificent bay broodmare

HELALA (Salaa El Dine x Ansata Gloriana by Jamil), who died prematurely

just after NK Hamoudy was weaned.  HELALA, a lookalike grand-daughter

of HANAN, is also the dam of Dr. Nagel's outstanding and iconic sire,

NK HAFID JAMIL and of his favourite mare, NK HIND, a full sister to

NK Hamoudy.


NK HAMOUDY carries exceptional and rare bloodlines, being a grandson

of one of the world's all time great sires, SALAA EL DINE (Ansata Halim

Shah x Hanan by Alaa El Din), and seven of NK Hamoudy's eight great-

grandparents have a line back to the incomparable foundation mare BUKRA

(Shahloul x Bint Sabah by Kazmeen).  He is also a three quarter brother to

NK HAFID JAMIL, the sire of Dr. Nagel's brilliant young stallion, NK

NADEER, and such world class horses as NK NAHLA, NK QASWARAH,



Other imports by Seven Oaks Arabian Stud, which carry 100% of Dr. Nagel's

bloodlines, are the 1998 grey mare SAMSARA NIHAL (Imp. U.K.) (Adnan x

Assal by Ibn Nazeema), the 2006 grey mare AMARILLA HM (Imp.

Germany) (NK Hafid Jamil x NK Asila by Salaa El Dine) and the ill fated

since deceased 2008 grey filly SAMIRA BINT SORAYA P (Jamal El Dine x

NK Soraya by Ibn Nejdy).


SAMSARA NIHAL is a daughter of the legendary sire ADNAN (Salaa El Dine

x Ghazala by Ghazal) and she has a brilliant pedigree, in that three of her

four great-granddams are HANAN, and the fourth is a full sister to the world

famous mare, LOTFEIA (Alaa El Din x Bint Kamla by Sareei), dam of the

incomparably beautiful, but ill fated Babolna bred mare IBN GALAL 1-7

(known in the US as "Gala").  SAMSARA NIHAL has been sent to Dr.

Nagel's Stud in Germany where, in late 2012, she produced BINT NADARA

a stunningly beautiful grey filly to Dr. Nagel's outstanding young stallion,

NK NADEER (NK Hafid Jamil x NK Nadirah by Adnan), and will be bred to NK

Hafid Jamil for a 2016 foal.


AMARILLA HM is a full sister to Dr. Nagel's beautiful mare NK AZIZA,

the dam of NK ABLA, a very exotic 2008 mare by Jamal El Dine, and

she is also the dam of three exceptionally lovely fillies by NK Nadeer, NK

NEFISA, NK ANISA and NK AYA.   AMARILLA HM is also a full sister in

blood to Usamah Al Kazemi's outstanding sire  NK QASWARAH, head sire

of Ezzain Arabian Stud in Kuwait.


A further import which carries over 62% of Dr. Nagel's bloodlines, is the

lovely 2004 grey mare MAYA MARQUISA DMF (Imp. U.S.A.) (Marquis 1 x

Bint Bint Jamil by Mohafez).   This young mare has foaled two exquisite

grey fillies by N.K. HAMOUDY, and a very nice chestnut colt by GR

AMARILLO (Imp. Germany) (Classic Shadwan x Halim's Asmara by Ansata

Halim Shah)


In order to mix the bloodlines of ASFOUR (Malik x Hanan by Alaa El

Din) with that of ANSATA HALIM SHAH (Ansta Ibn Halima x Ansata Rosetta

by Ansata Shah Zaman), Seven Oaks Arabian Stud imported from

Rothenberg Stud of Monheim in Germany the 2006 grey colt GR AMARILLO

(Imp. Germany) (Classic Shadwan x Halim's Asmara by Ansata Halim

Shah), a full brother to the outstanding German Champion Stallion

GR AMARETTO and Champion German mare GR AMARETTA.

GR AMARILLO is a maternal grandson of the great ANSATA HALIM SHAH,

arguably the most beautiful Straight Egyptian stallion of all time, and is

also a paternal grandson of Al Rayyan Farm's wonderful sire, ALIDAAR

(Shaikh Al Badi x Bint Magidaa by Khofo).


Another mare imported by Seven Oaks Arabian Stud from the Rothenberg

Stud in Germany was the grey 2004 Ansata Halim Shah Grand-daughter, 

GR AMARILLA (Imp. Germany) (Classic Shadwan x Halim's Asmara by

Ansata Halim Shah).   GR AMARILLA was imported in foal to GR FALEEH

(Madallan-Madheen x Fasinah by Nahaman), a superb young black

stallion, carrying 50% of Dr. Nagel's bloodlines, and this breeding resulted

in a 2007 grey filly, LADY JUDITH OF SEVEN OAKS.  GR AMARILLA has

also produced a striking 2009 grey colt by ANSATA IEMHOTEP (Imp U.S.A.

and UAE) (Prince Fa Moniet x Ansata Nefara by Ansata Halim Shah), which

has been retained by the Stud as a future sire.


The fruits of this careful study and selection of bloodlines is now becoming

evident, and NK HAMOUDY'S eighteen foals to date (nine fillies and nine

colts), each from a different bloodline, have all been extremely beautiful

with superb type, and these foals have exceeded even our most optimistic





Crabbet Related Bloodlines

Leigh Jamieson has always loved the size, substance, magnetism and

brilliant movement of the type of horse of predominantly Crabbet/Egyptian

cross, so wonderfully developed by Ralvon Stud and then later, by River

Oak Arabian Stud. This type of horse must surely be the ultimate riding and

endurance horse.   


Seven Oaks Arabian Stud will continue to develop this type of horse, using

varying percentages and combinations of Crabbet Related and Straight

Egyptian stallions over mares of Crabbet/Egyptian cross bloodlines.


Seven Oaks Arabian Stud has four Crabbet Related stallions, including the


OAKS (both by Kyreemi Illustraa x Imoan Khameerah by Niarob Shou-Lin-

El-Sadat), who are siring very beautiful, tall and extremely athletic foals of

both sexes.  The progeny of these stallions have impeccable pedigrees for

endurance with very low heart rates and outstanding friendly and laid

back temperaments. 


This season will also see the introduction of LORD ROBERT OF SEVEN OAKS

(NK Hamoudy (Imp. Germany) x Imoan Khameerah by Niarob Shou-Lin-El-

Sadat), a bay half brother to the above mentioned two stallions, and he will

join LORD ALISTAIR OF SEVEN OAKS (Lord Thomas of Seven Oaks x River

Oak Impulse by River Oak Imprint), a brilliant and typey young stallion with

incredible movement.  This young stallion was featured with Ali Al Amiri at

Equitana in November 2012, and has already sired an exceptional colt

from his test mating, so has a very promising future.



At Seven Oaks Arabian Stud, we have a deep love for our horses, and we

also have a clear understanding of our responsibility to generations yet

unborn. The welfare of our horses in particular, and the Arabian breed in

general, is extremely important to us.



Those who deal with Seven Oaks Arabian Stud can be confident that they

will get genuine help and assistance, honesty and transparency, a fair deal

and unmatched enthusiasm.