Lady Annabelle of Seven Oaks

Name: Lady Annabelle of Seven Oaks
Description: Grey Mare
Type: Straight Egyptian
Strain: Hadbah Enzahiyah
Sire: Asfour (Imp.Germany)
Dam: Simeon Siyua
D.O.B.: 2004
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Comments: Annabelle had to be put down on 9th March 2011, due to a neurolgical problem. In the end she could not stand up. This was believed to be caused by a virus similar to Murray Valley Encephalitis.


Sire Line

Dam Line

Asfour (Imp.Germany)
Simeon Siyua



Anaza Bay Shahh (Imp. U.S.A.)

Simeon Sippora

Hadban Enzahi


Alaa el Din

Mona (Inshass)

Shaikh Al Badi

Bint Deenaa

Imperial Madaar (Imp. U.S.A.)

Simeon Safanad