Reference Horses:-
Straight Egyptians

Ansata Halim Shah
(Ansata Ibn Halima ex Ansata Rosetta)
Dahman Shahwan
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(Shahloul ex Bint Sabah (1925))
Dahmah Shahwanieh
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(Alaa el Din ex Mona (Inshass))
Abeyya Om Jurays
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Welcome To The Home Of
The Finest Arabians In Australia

In Brief

We breed the following types of Arabian horses:

  • Straight Egyptians, based on Dr. Hans Nagel’s bloodlines and breeding philosophy.
  • Crabbet Related, using two families going back to Ralvon Pilgrim and having the coformation and temperament to make them outstanding ridind and endurance horses. 
  • We have over 50 purebred Arabians, with approximately half being of each type.

We have 7 stallions at stud: 3 Straight Egyptians of which two are imported from Germany, and 4 Crabbet Related stallions. 

Foals are available for sale by private treaty to suitable homes.

Our over-riding criteria is that we breed for type and temperament.

When you deal with Seven Oaks Arabian Stud you can expect genuine help and assistance, honesty and transparency, a fair deal and unmatched enthusiasm.

The Stud is situated at:

“Essex Park”,
501 Carlsruhe Station Road,
 Carlsruhe, Victoria, Australia 3442

The phone numbers are:

Home: +61 (0)3 9822 1995,
Mobile: +61 (0)418 328 554,

Facsimile: +61 (0)3 9824 1460

We hope to meet you soon.


Reference Horses:- Pure Crabbets

(Skowronek ex Nasra)
Kehailan Dajani
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Silver Fire
(Naseem ex Somra)
Hamdanieh Simrieh
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(Ibrahim (1899) ex Yaskoulka)
Saqlawi Jedran Ibn Sudan
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